Web Based Energy Solutions

Scotia Energy's integrated web based bespoke energy solutions allow clients to optimise their operations

Energy Management

Scotia Energy's web based management system and specialist energy mamngement consultants provide real time training and assistance which allows users to better manage their energy use and minimise costs



Energy Monitoring & Targeting

Scotia Energy's Low cost web based M&T system is used throughout  the Uk to identify potential energy savings and set operational targets to ensure that energy efficiency is Maximised and costs minimised.



Building Control Systems

Scotia Energy's integrated monitoring and control solutions allow users to identify potential savings and impliment control strategies to achieve these savings



Metering & Air Quality Systems

Our consultants and engineers along with our web based M&T system can provide real time air quality monitoring and reporting, allowing any changes in air quality outwith set targets to be reported immediately.



Real Time Product Costing

Our real time product costing allows our clients to know their real production costs on an hour by hour  or part by part basis. We produce KPI figures hourly showing the actual cost per item including overhead costs,labour costs,energy costs and any other variable cost which might be necessary.



Professional Energy Advice

Our Professional registered energy consultants can assist you in minimising your energy use and maximising cost savings. We can carry out initial energy surveys which identify areas of waste and identify any potential for financially attractive energy saving projects and also implement any identified project where will gaurantee any savings predicted.



Design, Installation & Project Management

Our electrical Instrument and control and mechanical consultants and engineers can assist you to design, install, project manage and commission your energy saving projects. These range from lighting design and implimentation to site heating and steam systems and on site electrical generation.



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