Wirral Metropolitan College's Award Winning Hybrid Energy Centre with Thermal and Electrical Storage

Project Introduction and Description


Wirral Metropolitan College were keen to reduce thier carbon footprint and reduce their energy costs. They also wanted to provide a facility which could be used by students as part of the colleges STEM engineering program. Scotia Energy Ltd were asked to look at the potential options.


We had already installed our energy management monitoring and targeting system at the four campuses which allowed detailed information to be made available on the colleges energy use. This showed a daily electrical demand of 200kW Monday to Friday and a 65kWh base load. The heat demand was 600kWh and 450kWh base load for 9 months of the year. We reviewed the all the potential options, including the implementation costs and the carbon and cost savings the project would yield. Using this information we selected 12 Quays Campus as the best site and the Hybrid Energy Centre solution as the most appropriate.


The Hybrid Energy Centre consits of 2 x  65kWe Capstone gas turbines, 2 x 64kWh Sunamp thermal storage blocks and 124kWh of TESVOLT lithium Ion battery storage. The system provides an integrated heating and electrical supply solution to the site providing almost all the heating requirement and 65% of the electrical requirement. It also supplies a real time teaching aid for the STEM students. The project was awarded the Liverpool Echo Environment Awards' Carbon Champion Award 2019.

Project Details


After an internal competition for funding in 2017 and 2018, the Liverpool Development Partnership along with others provided the funding for the project. This is the only project in the world demonstarting an integrated solution using microturbine gas engines, phase change material thermal storage and elctrical storage. The system installation began in April 2018 and was completed in December 2018. The system has been operating since December and has produced an average reduction in the sites energy costs of some 38% to 40% and site carbon savings of 18%. Electrical carbon savings are 46%. We are still optimising the operation of the technology to improve its performance.


It is planned to extend the system to incorporate; Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Points and Electrical Grid Support using an aggregator to market the sites excess electricity capacity.

The above table shows that at £29.03 per cost of using 1MWH of heat and 500kWh of electricity, Integrated CHP is much lower than heat pumps with the RHI or other technologies. The carbon savings are also lower.

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